The Three Problem Areas Of Home Security

Home Security

Home Security

There sure is a lot you can do for your home security, which is a never ending adventure, since thieves can always find some hole in your security. However, there are three things that are of the utmost importance for your home security.

Thieves look for these things first when considering where to break in, so you should look for these three things so you can correct them before a burglary happens in your home. These three problem areas include the your keys, the landscape, and your locks. Your house keys are the number one thing you should always remember. Your keys should never be left in your car no matter what. Even if you are just going to run inside your house for a second to grab something, because that is all the time a good thief needs to walk into your car and drive away with it.

Also, remember to never leave the keys in your car unattended. Another good practice with keys is to keep your car keys and house keys on separate key chains. This makes it so that even if your car is stolen, you will still be able to enter your home and get assistance. Finally, be wary of the hide a key contraptions such as rock key holders. Thieves know exactly what to look for, and they also know where to look in terms of key hiding places. The best practice is to simply keep your key with you and your family.

The importance of a well maintained yard can not be stress enough when thinking about the safety of your home. A yard that is not well kept not only attracts thieves because of the possible hiding places, but is also sends out a signal to thieves that either the house is not occupied much, or there is no one there that can take ably care of the yard. You need to trim bushes, and place thorny hedges properly to prevent entrance into windows. Also, if you have a camera system or motion detector, make sure there are no trees or bushes in the field of detection.

Simple door locks are no longer enough to keep your home secure. Anyone can break into a house just by using a credit card, sometimes faster than by using the key. Invest in a quality, high end deadbolt that is resistant to key bumping. Finally, if your lock is broken, then fix it. You would not believe the amount of people that do not lock their homes just because the door lock is broken. If you need to replace the lock, anything is better than a broken door lock.

It is known that these three problem areas may seem like common sense to many, but they are the basic, principal things to look for when deciding to secure your home. The other important thing to note is that most of these things do not have to cost a lot of money. A common security system can cost thousands of dollars, and afford you some protection, but by keeping an eye on these three problem areas, your home security will be enhanced unquestionably.

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