Security DVR For Safety And Protection

Security DVR

Security DVR

When you hear DVR you probably think of Tivo or digital cable or satellite. DVR security systems are gaining ground over their tape predecessors because they’re easy to use, set up and can record a lot more. In addition, security DVR can save your footage to recordable DVD’s. DVR surveillance is your solid choice when your business means something to you.

When deciding on a DVR security system keep some important things in mind (if price is a factor then really pay attention to the details): how many cameras does the DVR security system support, what are the framers per second, what sort of compression is used, how large the hard drive is, connection, remote viewing, motion sensitivity, scheduling and how the media is saved. DVR surveillance systems are useful albeit feature rich and complicated.

What is a frame per second?

Your DVR security system will have an FPS which is how many pictures that will be recorded in a second. 30 frames per second is ?real time? recording on each camera used in your DVR surveillance set up. Real time will be important if you?re using a security DVR in a retail location to monitor cash registers.

Hard Drive Space ? How Much Is Needed?

You DVR surveillance can hinge on how much space you have. It limits the amount of days you can record before backing up the files. Compression format needs to be factored in as does the type of cameras used, especially resolution and chip size. Each DVR security system will have varying compression and speeds and storage capacity.

How Does DVR Surveillance Work?

The DVR Security System is a pretty much a computer that saves footage to a hard drive to replay later. The security DVR converts the analog images from a security camera into digital then compresses it. There are a lot of cameras that can be attached to the DVR surveillance. All images can be viewed at once or one at a time and is all saved to a hard drive with no other bells and whistles needed.

Is DVR Surveillance Hard to Install?

The simplest thing to put together is by merely plugging the cameras into the back of the DVR security system.

Remote Viewing With DVR Security Systems?

In order to view your DVR surveillance remotely you must be on your computer and can view via cam software as it broadcasts. The faster the connection the more you can see your images.

How Many Systems Can View DVR Surveillance Remotely?

The maximum connections that work for most DVR security systems are 50 at any given time. If you?re still using dial up access then only 1 connection is permitted due to the phone line limitations.

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