5 Reasons To Use A Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk

Are you searching for the right desk for your needs? Check out these top 5 reasons why you should use a stand up desk before you make your purchase.

Relieve Back Pain

After sitting at a desk all day many people will suffer from back pain. Even mild back pain can be annoying or even affect the quality of your work as it is harder to work effectively when you suffer from discomfort.

Standing, however, will reduce the pressure placed on your lower back while you work, easing your discomfort and in some cases eliminating it completely. That is the idea behind a stand up desk which is why people who use these desks are generally more comfortable.


Recent studies have found that sitting down all day, even when you work out regularly, can increase the risk of certain health problems. These studies found that sitting for long periods of time can reduce your body’s glucose metabolism in addition to lowering good cholesterol levels, both of which are risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

This research is the basis behind the stand up desk as simply standing for part of the day will significantly reduce these problems.

Feel Refreshed

It seems counter intuitive that using a stand up desk will make you more refreshed at the end of the day than you would be with a sitting one, but that actually is the case. Standing itself will keep you alert and in addition, your circulation will improve, which will in turn make you less tired and more refreshed.
Sit Or Stand

You may be worried that if you use a standing desk all day, your feet will start to get tired or that you will not be able to change positions. However, keep in mind that simply having a tall chair handy will allow you to easily switch between sitting and standing whenever you feel the need to.

These tall chairs can be found in almost any store and most retailers who sell a stand up desk will also have tall chairs that will fit the desk perfectly.

Save Room

Because of their design, stand up desks actually have more storage space than standard desks do. Since a chair does not to fit underneath the desk, the manufacturers can use that space for shelves, drawers or other storage.

This allows you to store papers, computer parts (like the tower), a scanner or printer or any other office supply, eliminating your need for extra storage within the office. You can use this extra room for additional seating for clients or simply leave it empty to make the room feel more spacious.

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